BE | Allbrass Industrial is the leading expert in the hot forging and machining of brass. We assist our clients from the design phase to final end product and we develop and establish stable production processes that meet the requirements of IATF 16949. Our goal is to achieve zero defects. We collaborate with international clients in various market segments.

BE | Allbrass Industrial

Productivity is a state of mind

BE | Allbrass Industrial consists of two companies that specialize in manufacturing client-specific brass forgings. Both companies complement each other perfectly and operate as one integrated company, structured as follows:

BE | Allbrass Industrial Netherlands: This plant houses the hot forging department. In the Netherlands, this plant also machines and, if necessary, assembles medium and large batches.

BE | Allbrass Industrial Germany: This plant machines and, if necessary, assembles small and medium batches.

Thanks to the integration of both plants, we can respond more adequately to fluctuating market demands and changing client requirements.

Our core competences


The right brass alloy for your product


Assembling machined forgings into components

Hot forging

Transforming brass bars into hot forgings


Optimization of product designs, tools and production processes