From both manufacturing locations an international team of highly-trained engineers works in close collaboration with our clients. We optimize your product design and transform it into a hot forging that can be produced optimally.


As our client, you are responsible for determining the product design and the functionality and performance requirements of your products. Our international team of engineers will help you make your design suitable for serial production.

Areas of interest:

  • Extensive knowledge of product applications and product designs
  • Development and optimization of manufacturing processes


For additional information about engineering, please contact:

BE | Allbrass Industrial Netherlands

Martijn te Riele

BE | Allbrass Industrial Germany

Rainer Iwan


From design to production

Reliable engineering is essential in the transition from design to production. We optimize and standardize the design in close cooperation with our clients’ design engineers. This creates high-quality products and makes them producible in series for the lowest possible cost.