Hot forging

Our modern and fully-automated forging shop is located at BE | Allbrass Industrial in the Netherlands. Here, we manufacture all forgings for clients of both BE | Allbrass Industrial Netherlands and BE | Allbrass Industrial Germany.


The hot forging of brass alloys uses two technologies: hollow forging and solid forging. The right technology depends on the product design. In both cases, the hot forging process delivers a homogeneous material structure. The forgings are then deburred using fully-automated deburring equipment.


  • Product weight: 20-6,000 grams
  • Batch size: 250-50,000 pieces


For additional information about hot forging, please contact:

BE | Allbrass Industrial Netherlands

BE | Allbrass Industrial Germany

Hot forging

First time right

BE | Allbrass Industrial has fully-automated forging presses at its disposal to forge both solid forgings and hollow forgings (horizontal and vertical). The brass billets are heated and the correct temperature is constantly monitored. After the billet has been positioned in the die, the product is forged in one stroke. During the design phase, our engineers optimized the lifecycle of the die and reduced waste to a minimum to ensure efficient machining.