Our markets

BE Allbrass Industrial

From automotive to valve technology

BE | Allbrass Industrial operates in several industrial segments, such as Automotive, Sanitary, Power Management, Heating & Cooling and Valve Technology. As an expert in hot forging and machining brass alloys, we have extensive experience and knowledge of product applications in these markets. We have developed into the leading supplier of brass forgings in these markets.


As both manufacturing locations of BE | Allbrass Industrial have complementary machining centres and cooperate intensively, we create synergy between the two locations. This helps us to respond more quickly to market fluctuations and fulfil our clients’ needs more adequately.

One stop shop

The advantages of our structure are clear. Collaborating closely with our subsidiaries, which specialize in complementary fields, allows BE | Allbrass Industrial to offer its clients a one-stop-shop for brass, aluminium and copper forgings. We like to keep our business model as simple as possible for the benefit of our clients.